My name is Anna (pronounced Aw-nuh) - I’m a Scottsdale-based natural light photographer, makeup artist and modern calligraphist. One might find these to be a bit random but they all tie in with my love for creating! The past nine years I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world photographing weddings with my husband over at Jason + Anna Photography. Over time I really wanted to find a way to incorporate my love for weddings and people with my passion for makeup and calligraphy… thus the brand Anna Ball was born. I have a three year old daughter, Henley. She is a constant source of laughter and joy in my life (with a dash of insanity.) My day starts with coffee and ends with Netflix. I believe a good concealer and a coat of mascara is the key to any woman’s happiness. I take great pride in my relationship with clients and work hard to give each and every one a fun and unique experience.

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Anna Ball is a natural light portrait photographer, makeup artist and calligrapher in scottsdale arizona

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